HP Draco-Outside Looking In

Scorpius' Request, by starshinedc

Little Scorpius comes into Harry's life very unexpectedly when Draco is kidnapped by persons unknown and just wants his daddy back. Will Harry be able to fulfill that wish? And if he can't, who will take care of the child in Draco's absence?

CM Hotch Smile

Love Like a Fever, by innerslytherin and severity_softly

When Aaron takes his annual leave to spend time with Jack, he winds up needing Spencer to help him through a hard time.  After the scare is over, Aaron and Spencer find themselves closer than before.

CM HR Heads Together

Fathers are Not Born, by innerslytherin and severity_softly

Aaron overhears what Emily asks Spencer, and has a question of his own. (First chapter is at the bottom.)

HP Draco-Outside Looking In

After Eden, by Rickey_A

Life threatening injuries are an occupational hazard even for a seasoned Auror, but Harry Potter never considered the possibility of life altering injury. And why is it that Draco Malfoy has to be the one to help him?